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Linda Medd is a mixed media artist working in contemporary abstract styles. Inspired by her life-long connection with nature she brings organic shapes, texture and pattern into her work. She paints intuitively beginning with gestural marks, shapes and text. As she paints, new ways to combine color, shape and line emerge spontaneously. Her paintings are built through many layers evolving as she adds and takes away. 

She works with a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, ink, water media, oil pastels and graphite. Collage and monoprinting are often used to add interest and texture. 

Painting is the most fulfilling way she has found for self-expression. She loves the satisfaction of watching her work evolve over time, often changing completely as it comes into form.

Linda is primarily a self-taught artist learning through experimentation, workshops and fellow artists. She resides in Roswell, Georgia.

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